About The Band

Greg "The G-Note"

Lead Guitar/Vocals
Greg hails from the backwoods of Michigan near Bad Axe on the shores of Lake Huron. As one would expect, residents of Bad Axe have one thing in common – they know how to handle an ax. Greg can typically be found with his ax (guitar) in his hands or in close proximity. He has been a part of several successful bands and other stage projects, including a moderately successful stage adaptation of Ted Nugent’s Nomads, in which he played the role of French anthropologist “Claude”. The play opened to mixed reviews and was shut down when an armed Ted Nugent stormed the theatre and threatened to expose himself to the partially-packed house. When he’s not jamming, G-note enjoys regular trips to Fong’s Foot Massage and Aromatherapy.


Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Tommy was an unwilling transplant to New Orleans. He awoke one day in the spring of 2009 in the luggage car of an Amtrak train arriving in New Orleans. With a terrible hangover and $6 dollars in his pocket, he scored a job slinging beignets at Café Du Monde and would routinely go for days living on powdered sugar and café au lait. During the “beignet period,” Tommy had a side hustle mentoring with the “Insults for a Dollar Man” in the French Quarter, only charging fifty cents an insult. He lasted approximately 12 weeks before deciding to resign his post after several patrons landed right hands to his face. While screaming and running from disgruntled patrons, TK developed strong lungs and a melodic scream.

Margie "Marge"

Marge Merdertits hails from the central European state of Slovakia. She was raised by Gypsy migrants and picked her first pocket by the age of 3. In order to earn money and keep a captive audience, she was picked by the Gypsy King Cock Loral to learn the art of music. By 9 years old, she was a master pianist and master thief, having successfully graduated from the School of Seven Bells. While caravanning through Transylvania, Marge had the fortune (or misfortune?) of falling in love with a vampire named Keith Richards. She was bitten, died, and today walks the earth as a vampire. That was 105 years ago. No one in the band is sure how she became a part of the band. She appeared one day in the rehearsal room with a set of keys, her keyboard, and a PBR. Miraculously, she knew the songs and sets – the band seemed apprehensive at first, then she flashed her fangs. And the band has been perfect ever since.

"Floppy" Dave

Bass Guitar
Dave is the love child of Mr. Fantastic and Susan Storm of “Fantastic Four.” Dave was raised “normally” in his superhero home and for the first few years of his life seemed to be super powerless…. Then one day he was handed a second-hand bass guitar, and his life changed forever. Something in the bass notes activated his super slinky ultra floppy genes. Like his father’s super stretching abilities, he showed a miraculous ability to stretch and flop and funk on the bass. His super bass abilities are only matched by his uncanny ability to create perfect bonsai and arrange cut flowers. Most notably he was asked to be a guest instructor at Delgado Community College’s summer botanicals class 2016.


No one is actually sure where Chris is from. As he remembers it (or doesn’t!), he woke up on a sofa in the back of Micks Bar with complete amnesia. He checked his pockets that fateful afternoon and found a golf ball, a Coors light bottle cap, and Burger King receipt with the words “um brah?” written on it. He was checked out by the best and brightest at Charity Hospital, who found nothing physically wrong with him. Subsequently, Micks Bar adopted Chris and began to help him get back on his feet. While trying to regain his memory, Chris was encouraged to try different activities - cooking, shuffleboard, karate. Nothing worked, until one day on a random trip to a local music store, he was handed a set of drum sticks and a drum – and his life changed forever. Though unable to remember anything else, he was able to thrash on the drums like none other. We’re still not certain where he came from, but we continue to work to help Chris regain his memory in the hopes that one day he’ll remember the name of the band.